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Which “Gas roaster” vs. “Charcoal” is good for Yakiniku?

I suppose many people consider charcoal fire as the best way for grilling beef. But in fact, I reckon it’s surely much better to broil beef with a gas roaster. (by the way, my opinion comes from the experience in my practice)

In charcoal grilling, the place where heat is strong or weak and the distance from the charcoal changes with time. so it sometimes hard to grill the beef at best for us , general public. On the contrary, on the gas roaster even you are less familiar with grilling ,

you can grill it better to some extent since you can keep its heat constant.this is why I believe that the gas roaster is much better than the charcoal. In stamina-en, they use the gas roaster to welcome all the people from being at home to those who are not. There is no doubt that meat grilled by charcoal is best because it will have the smell of charcoal and far infrared ray helps to reach the heat to inside of the meat. However, it’s for their customer that they use the gas roaster in stead of using charcoal. I’ll be happy if could get the gas roaster by myself. 

 A gas has smell.

This is for preventing the accident when gas leaks out. If this smell changes into the indestructible one that is like smoked cherry blossoms and baked wood, wonderful smell makes ordinary yakiniku so special. Oh, I wanna tell you how to distinguish good restaurant or bad that has gas roaster. That is whether or not an iron plate is thick. It’s so simple, isn’t it? The plate which is thick is better one.  Thick plate makes it warm and is good for grilling meats in terms of keeping umami (good flavor) inside of meats. On the other hand, thin plate, does not play a great role. If the meat is grilled on it, umami will flow out when you turn over the meat because thin plate is not able to keep its temperature. 

 By the way, the restaurant I visited recently provided a well plate and what’s more, it’s surface was treated by  Teflon coating. It is really useful and practical because we do not have to change plates again and again. What a plate! It continue evolving without knowing!