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Chinkairou – Affordable authentic Chinese restaurant at Meguro

Chinkairou – 鎮海楼

The founder of this restaurant has come from Hong Kong, so the dumplings are also hongkong style which contains shrimps. Now his son has inherit the restaurant and the style of food are establishing own style between Japanese Chinese and original Chinese cuisine.

Also this restaurant is located just 5 mins working from Meguro station, so there are so many restaurants around Meguro station, but this is unique here as not so modernized but still remaining value of local restaurant.

Must order

Fried dumpling with shrimp and cabbage / エビ入り焼き餃子 – 620 yen

Signature* As the dumpling skin are hand made, skin itself are soft and sweet with good flavor of flour. Fried dumpling’s skin is crispy too, you can enjoy different taste of the skin at the same time.

The inside, the base is cabbage, well harmonized cabbage’s and shrimp’s sweetness.

Boiled dumpling with shrimp and chinese chive / エビ入り蒸し餃子 – 620 yen

Signature* The texture of the dumpling is smoothly, but the inside is a little strong taste with Chinese chieve, Chinese chieve and shrimp tastes are strong, but well balanced and they are become rich taste.

Sweet and sour pork / 酢豚 – 1280 yen

For the sweet and sour pork, pork are fried as crispy, the sauce is made by Chinese black vinegar, so it is not only sour but also deep and rich taste too.

Fried egg plant with sweet soy sauce / 揚げ茄子 630 yen

The egg plants are well fried, the sauce is not so strong but good flavor of oil and egg plant, good for appetizer.

Restaurant detail

Food rating
Good for drop-in when you come near here.

There is no english menu here, foreigner sometimes come here.
or queue

You can make reservation by calling, it is better to make reservation in advance.
Payment byOnly Cash
Site and SNS N/A
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