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Hiro sushi – Audacious creative Sushi at Sendai

Hiro Sushi – 弘寿司

Hiro Sushi, here is located at a residential area where 20 mins from Sendai station. But actually this restaurant is one of best restaurant in Miyagi prefecture.

The sushi style here is even basic technique is following Edo-style, but it is made by out-of-box thinking to maximize taste of foods . Not only its taste, the foods are arranged on the dish sterically with great decoration. So you can enjoy the foods not only with your gustation but also with your sense of arts.

This restaurant is worth to come to Sendai to visit this restaurant, you should have great food experience.

Must order

Omakase tasting course – around 10000 yen

Here there is only Omakase tasting course, so the contents of the course are changed everyday, followings are the contents of a course on a day.

Live grass fish

The ice fishes are still live, very fresh.

Whale, Octopus, Sea bream marinated by kelp, Red sea squirt

Sea bream marinated by kelp, Whale with silver, Octopus
Red sea squirt
Come with natural grated wasabi. as this is natural wasabi, the spiciness level is not so high, you could feel not only spiciness but also flavor of wasabi.

Monkfish liver, Bizen jellyfish, Raw tofu skin

Bizen jellyfish
Monkfish liver
Raw tofu skin

Tuna with grated watermelon radish, Sweet shrimp, Flathead with minced wasabi, Gizzard shad marinated by sakura leaf

Beryx splendens marinated with sweet miso, grilled firefly squid, Spanish mackerel with grilled rice powder

Beryx splendens marinated with sweet miso, grilled firefly squid
Spanish mackerel with grilled rice powder

Japanese icefish with half boiled egg, surf flam, Unagi

Surf flam,
Japanese icefish with half boiled egg

 Cod roe, urchin, deep-fried bean curd roll

Cod roe, typically cor roe has seasoned so it has red color, but this here is served without seasoning, of course the taste is great.
deep-fried bean curd roll

Additional menu

After the course, you may add some of foods, even individual foods are decorated on a dish.

Tuna roll and fermented soybean roll

Miso soup

Soup made from the bony parts of fish

Restaurant detail

Food rating
A restaurant worth a detour, indicating excellent cuisine and skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality

There is no english menu here, foreigner seldom come here.
or queue

You can make reservation by calling, it is better to make reservation one month advance.
Payment byCash
Site and SNS N/A
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