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Matsue ebisu – Casual and great quality sushi restaurant at Ebisu

Matsue ebisu – 松栄 恵比寿本店

There are many great sushi restaurant at Ebisu, but I can say that this sushi restaurant is baseline of Ebisu sushi because great balance of cost and quality. The sushi itself is also authentic one there is no peculiarity things on the foods, but every thing has great quality and understandable.

There is two counters and a few tables on second floor, so the chefs are working busy, the atmosphere is more casual, so this restaurant is good for small group and family. But if you are thinking to chose quiet place for a dinner like your congratulatory diner this restaurant may not suitable.

Must order

Omakase tasting dinner – 11000 yen

The following are the contents of a day Omakase tasting course.

a Japanese icefish
Japanese flounder
Steamed abalone with sweet soy source
steamed egg custard with clam
Left : A mackerel Konbu roll with cucumber, right : Mackerel sashimi
*Signature: Crab meat with urchin and caviar on the rice
Japanese spanish mackerel with skin grilled by a straw, feel a good straw smell
Grilled Japanese spanish mackerel with miso
Japanese omelet served just after cooked
Marinade gizzard shad (Kohada)
Konbu marinade sea bream fry
Oo toro (fatty tuna)
ark shell
Konbu marinade glass shrimp with salt
Conger-eel with sweet soy source

Insider tips

  • This restaurant is running by PEWTERS INC which is also running Yakiniku champion and MASA’S KITCHEN
  • Lunch menu are more reasonable with a few thousand yen, you can try.

Restaurant detail

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A good place to make a dinner plan in your journey.

Many foreingers have come here.
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You can make reservation by Table check, it is better to make reservation one week advance.
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