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Yajiman toyosu – Oyster ramen for Toyosu fish market workers

Yajiman toyosu – やじ満

This ramen restaurant was located at Tsukiji fish market, and along with fish market moving to Toyosu, it is very natural that this restaurant is also move to Toyosu because this restaurant is loved by fish market workers, that’s why this restaurant only opening from early morning till around noon (until soup get out of stock)

The ramen soup is very typical and old style ramen which is made from chicken leg, but the taste is very soft and like your comfort food.

Must order

Oyster ramen (seasonal) – 牡蠣ラーメン 1300 yen

As oyster taste dissolves into the soup, the soup become more tasty with chicken stock and oyster taste. Not only soup, the big oysters are very plump, chewy, of course delicious with briefly sauteed and are very fresh as they should be from Tsukiji fish market near the restaurant.

This oyster ramen is limited in winter season.

Dumpling – シュウマイ 360 yen

The dumpling is called shu-mai, the pork meat dumpling is very huge, and very taste, must try.

Insider tips

  • There is seasonal hidden menu which is announced in their twitter account.

Restaurant detail

Food rating
Good for drop in.

No English menu available, there is a english memo on the wall.
or queue

No reservation here, and quque in front of restaurant is around 30 minutes. Only opening from early morning till noon.
Payment byOnly cash
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