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TA-IM – The best Israeli cuisine with great falafel

TA-IM – タイーム

TA-IM, the name of restaurant means delicious in Hebrew. Even there is only few Israeli cuisine restaurant, this restaurant might be the best one.

This restaurant located between Hiroo and Ebisu stations with around 10 mins working, but it is worth to get there.

The owner chef is Dan Zuckerman who lives more than 20-year in Japan, and his wife Akiko supporting here, Mr Zuckerman has worked at DAVID’S DELI which is also an Israeli cuisine restaurant for 5 years, and then has started his own restaurant.

Neither you love Israeli cuisine restaurant, or not, I recommend this restaurant.

Must order

Falafel 680 yen

Signature : You must eat falafel at this restaurant, this has a great savory smell of chickpeas. You must eat just once it served as this is the best timing!

3 dips plate 1880 yen

This plate include three famous Israeli dips; Hummus – chickpeas with white sesame source, Babaganush – Baked paprika pulp and cut tomatoes, Matbucha – Paste and mixed with steamed eggplant pulp and sesame paste.

Pita which is chewy bread with the plate and dip them.

Cinnamon kebab

Many of restaurant use a skewer as a substitute, here stil using cinamon as a old style. The cinnamon’s savory smell is added to ram minced meat. Yammy.

Israeli rice casserole

Maccabee beer

This is a Israeli beer, you should try it.

Insider tips

  • There is a brunch restaurant near Tokyo station.

Restaurant detail

Food rating
A good place to make a dinner plan in your journey.

There is english menu here, chef can speak english well and many foreigner come here.
or queue

You can make reservation by calling, it is better to make reservation one week advance as the capacity is limited.
Payment byCash and credit card
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