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Yakiniku Jumbo – Great quality beef of Yazawa meat

Yakiniku Jumbo – 焼肉 ジャンボ 白金

There are a few restaurants in yakiniku jambo group, but only here; yakiniku jumbo “shirogane” is a little different that here is running by Yazawa meat; one of best butchery in Japan.
# Other yakiniku jumbo restaurants are running by yakiniku jumbo k.k.

So the taste like source is using the same of yakiniku jumbo, but the meat is from meat yazawa.

As meay yaza is well known as Kuroge wagyu, every kind of beef are great. You can try them!

Must order

Nohara yaki – 野原焼き 2100 yen

This Nohara yaki which is a thin sliced sirloin, only this is grilled by a staff, and you would dip it into egg, the taste is looks Sukiyaki as the taste is sweet and soy source base.

The reason why this called Nohara yaki, “Nohara” was one of regular customers who are a meat with dipping into a egg, so this menu is named Nohara yaki. # “Yaki” is grill in Japanese.
Recently this style yakiniku is served by a few yakiniku restaurant, but this restaurant one is original menu.

Insider tips

  • The source is slightly different based on kind of meat.

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There is a english menu here, foreigner sometimes come here.
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