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Yakiniku Kouryuuen – Wagyu raw beef yuk-hoe

Yakiniku Kouryuuen (焼肉 香龍園)

“Yakiniku Kouryuuen” is a kind of typical korean BBQ restaurant located in Gotanda area.

The Characteristic thing for this restaurant is raw beef yuk-hoe(Korean raw beef tartar) is available here. You may know that now only seldom restaurant in Japan can serve raw beef yuk-hoe as it is required to meet special hygiene criteria after the incident of O-157 at 2012, so typical Korean restaurant in Japan is serving raw horse yuk-hoe or heated yuk-hoe.But this restaurant has a certificate to serve raw beef issued by Shinagwa-ku, so you can enjoy raw meet here.

Must order

Wagyu raw beef yukhoe – 最高級黒毛和牛のユッケ

As I mentioned the top of this article, there is seldom restaurants serving “raw beef” yukhoe, must eat.

Special outside skirt – 特上ハラミ

There is normal outsie skirt is in the menu, but special outside skirt is using wagyu beef, this deserve to cost.

Special salted tongue – 上塩タン

Also there is grade two tongues in the menu, but special one is the always best.

Yukgaejang soup(spicy beef soup) – ユッケジャンスープ

This restaurant serves good quality Korean foods, Yukgaejang soup is one of good option for your side.

Insider tips

  • Huge capacity with three floors, good for party.
  • Lunch menus are good cost performance.

Restaurant detail

Food rating
Good for drop-in

No English menu, there are foreign staffs.
You may visit here without reservation.
Any other detailInformation on Google Map