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Agezuki – Aged south Island pork cutlet

Agezuki – あげづき

This pork cutlet is made of aged south island pork which is very limited production in Nagata tanebuta farm in Miyazaki, sometimes this pork is told one of the best pork in Japan.
Also the pork is aged with taking time, so the taste become more strong.

As many good Japanese cutlet restaurant do, the cutlet has fried two times with law and high temperature lard, so it is taking time to serve it to you.

Must order

Special fillet cutlet 2780 yen

The thick pork remain still red inside, but the it is well controlled of course safe. More over loin, you can feel meat rich taste with fillet.

Of course loin is good taste too with more sweet fat, if you love loin it is also good choose for you.

Rice and miso soup is included to the course
This plate is included to the course.

Insider tips

  • The chef decided to be a pork cutlet chef at 17 years old, as he found good Japanese cutlet restaurant during studying in US as high school students, after that he has studied about Japanese pork cutlet and finally opens the restaurant at his 37 years old.

Restaurant detail

Food rating
Good for drop-in

There is no english menu here, foreigner sometimes come here.
or queue

There is around 30 mins queue in front of restaurant.
Payment byOnly Cash
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