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Tonkatsu tonki – Japanese Pork Cutlet on a counter since 1939

Tonkatsu tonki – とんかつ とんき 

This restaurant has established in 1939, and they still keep the original recipe from beginning which is that the flour has been added tree times and fried by pure lard.

There is only a few kind of pork cutlet on the menu, but many chef working as busy in the counter, everyone has role and responsibility like some one monitoring fryer, and the another only cuts the pork cutlet which is passed by the person who watching the fryer. It seems that they are working as playing football. But this everything is for serving the best cutlet for you.

Every step required high skill, typically they spend almost 10 years to take over the role, it is very simple step to cook cutlet, but it should be very deep. Even they don’t use timer to monitor fryer, they monitor the status of frying by eyes as every day has different condition like humidity.

After you enter the restaurant, you can ask to wait on the chairs next to the wall. Typically, the customers should queue up as a line, so that staff can seek which one is the first person in the queue. But you would be asked to sit any where, the staff would remain your queue number and call you when your turn has come. This should be very difficult, but you don’t need to frequently move, you can just wait the comfortably. This is one of the things to make customer satisfied with hospitality.

One more thing, you can refill the rice, shredded lettuce and also miso soup. The miso soup is called Ton-jiru which is including pork and the taste is more richer than normal miso soup.

Following is the introduction movie.

Must order

Rohsu-katsu teishoku (Loin cutlet)

There is only two menu for cutlet; Rohsu-katsu teishoku (loin cutlet) and Hire-katsu teishoku(Fillet cutlet), if you have not tried Japanese cutlet or not have preference between them, I would like to recommend that you try Rohsu-katsu first. Because Rohsu-katsu is more rich taste, and you can feel sweek pork oil with it.

Insider tips

  • There is second floor, I recommend that you take first floor as it is work to wait to watch chef’s working.
  • The grandchild of the founder is taking over the restaurant. (3rd generation)
  • The source is made in house, and the recipe is secret.

Restaurant detail

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A restaurant worth a detour, indicating excellent cuisine and skillfully and carefully crafted dishes of outstanding quality

English menu available, many foreigner has come here.
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Reservation is available from 4 person, and there is long queue in front of restaurant, you might wait around 1 hour during the peak hours.
Payment byCash and Credit card
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