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Gourmet at home: Fukuoka umaka buy – local hakata ramen at home

Tonkotsu ramen nowadays gets popular, but do you know that the origin of tonkotsu ramen is from fukuoka?

A tonkotsu ramen which you can find at Tokyo or Newyork city are modernized and adjusted for every one to be able to enjoy, however the origin of this style called Hakata style is unique with strong taste and smell.

Especially the smell, like Nattou, once it get use to the smell this can be part of the taste, however even some of Japanese cannot eat Hakata ramen because of smell.

The site fukuoka umaka buy is a online ramen shop and they deliver several ramen from several noodle shop at Kurume area in Fukuoka as frozen like follows. So you can enjoy different type of hakata ramen and find your favorite.

Must order

Kuiyoi tei : Good balance of rich and creamy soup – 1004 yen

Actually this Kuiyoi tei ramen is my favorite, even the smell is very strong, the soup is very creamy, and feeling very rich and deep taste of pork stock, also soy sauce base is separated to the soup, you would clearly feel savouryl.

The noodle is slightly thick than typical one, feeling good flavor of flour.

The way to cook is slightly different as the soy sauce is separated, you would warm small plastic bag which contains the soy source and flavor oil, and firstly you put on it to the bowl then you pour the soup on there.

Mamushi : More oily and salty 842 yen

Mamushi one is more strong more oily. Also the smell is stronger than other one, however this would be part of taste.

As saltiness are slightly higher than typical one, after feel strong pork stock and oil, you would feel sharp saltiness. If you like salty one, this is good for you.

Banyou ken : lighter soup & less oily 842 yen

This Banyou ken’s one is more lighter than other ramen and less oily and less salty, so this would be good for more people than above.

Also the taste of this restaurant is categorized as “Inishie kei”, this means more similar taste for older style and original style of Hakata ramen.

The good thing is the bad smell is less strong, so this could be the first hakata ramen for you.

How to cook

Following video is how to cook the ramen.

Also the steps are like follows.

  1. Warm the soup in hot water until it get unfroze, Be careful the plastic container would be melt in too hot water, so don’t put them on a fire.
  2. After unfroze, pour the soup into a pot, and put on fire until just before it get boiled.
  3. If ramen soy sauce is separated as a small plastic bag, warm it like soup and pour it into a bowl before the soup, and mix it with the soup. If doesn’t pour soup into a bowl.
  4. Unfroze pork and green onion in hot water.
  5. Prepare boiled water in a pot, and boil the noodle around 1 min until your favorite. Recommend to pick up a noodle to eat to check how it boiled.

Detail of the food and order

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