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Hot spoon – Beef tendon Japanese curry on hot iron plate

The curry here is Japanese curry style but a little runny, the spiciness are ajustable by the level.
It takes so long time to serve the curry here as follows. So taste is not only just spicy but also very rich and the beef tendon get very soft.

  • Stew beef and chicken stock and fresh vegetables for 6 hours to make soup stock.
  • Simmer the chopped 30kg onions until they are brown
  • To make curry roux, cook 12 kind of spices and 2 kind of curry powder with batter for 7 hours.
  • Stew beef tendon and many vegetable with the stock and curry roux for 8 hours.

Not only beef tendon curry, but also chicken base curry based on India style.

Must order

Beef tendon curry – 牛すじ煮込みカレー 760 yen

The curry is very savory, also beef tendon gets very soft.

Cutlet curry – カツカレー 900 yen

The curry for this is richer than other curry, the cutlet is on top. The taste is like mixed with curry and beef stew.

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