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Sake: Kamosibito kuheiji Le K rendez vous – light fresh sake like sparkling wine

kamosibito kuheiji Le K rendez vous – 醸し人九平次 Le K rendez-vous

The name of the bottle is in French, as the brewery has a wine brand in French, this bottle is also looking for not only Japanese but also other regions.

For the brand name has two part, “kamosibito kuheiji” is from the name which is succeeded by the owner for generation to generation, “Le K” stands for three K; “kamosibito”, “kuheiji” and “Kurodasho” where is a part of Hyogo prefecture and well known as a good rice production area of Yamada nishiki especially used for Sake, as the brewery has own rice paddy in Kurodasho too.

The name of RENDEZ-VOUS is Rendezvous in English, “We would like to meet you fortuitously” is a message of creators.

Taste : light fresh

Source of picture : https://ameblo.jp/mgbass/

Compering with other bottle of the brewery, this bottle is very light and fresh and alcohol is also softer with 14%, The taste is fresh light body, not only fruity, but also feeling well balanced sour, sweet and with a little bubble, so this is good for aperitif and appetizer like a sparkling wine, but body is not so strong, this may not good for main dishes. Also the bottle only contains undiluted sake.

About brewery: Banjou Jouzou – 萬乗醸造

Source of photo : http://sake.science/manjo/

The brewery; Banjou Jouzou established since 1789, in Nagoya, Aichi, the representative brand is kuheiji

This brewery has inspired and studied by wine production way in Europe, they has a brewery in brugonue which is named DOMAINE KUHEIJI. As mentioned earlier, they have a rice paddy in Kurodasho, Hyogo, it is from the idea that they would like to be chosen for their sake because of what they use for sake like wine.

Detail of the bottle

The place of productionNagoya, Aichi Prefecture
SpecificationSake Meter Value
Amino Acid Content
Alcohol content14%
Rice-polishing rate50%
ClassificationJunmai Dai Ginjo Shu (純米大吟醸酒)
Finishing processing and PressingPasteurisation
Sake yeast
RiceYamada nishiki
Temp to drinkChilled
Room temp
Brewery siteWeb site
Order onlineAmazon