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Kuishinbou Gabu – Roast beef rice bowl like a Rafflesia flower

Gabu which is a small restaurant at Musashi Koyama, is well known and have gold awards on a rice bowl competition for sequential three years with their Roast beef rice bowl like a flower; Rafflesia.

Thanks to the photogenic appearance of the food, this bowl is introduced by many media like magazine or on TV. But it’s taste is also very good, the meat is very fresh and simple, but the pepper on the top and rice seasoned by soy sauce inside the bowl is well balanced sweetness and pepper, also crunchy thin-sliced cabbage is good accent.

Must order

Gabu don (Roast beef rice bowl)

You can chose size of this roaste beef rice bowl; Gabu don, as follows. The portion of rice would be the same without Kodon.

  • Gabu don with 1 pond meat, meat weight : 453g – 3500 yen
  • 1.5 times Gabu don, meat weight : 270g – 2100 yen
  • Gabu don , meat weight : 180g – 1450 yen
  • Kodon(Small) , meat weight : 110g – 990 yen

The above picture around the first section of this post was 1 pond meat gabu don, and following is Kodon one.

If you chose Kodon, the sliced roast beef won’t be decorated as a flower, just on the top.

ALso every bowl will be served following miso soup and pickles, the sea weed pickles are home made one.

Insider tips

  • There is an introduction video on youtube.

Restaurant detail

Food rating
Good for drop-in when you come near here.

There is no english menu here, foreigner sometimes come here.
or queue

No reservation available, there is sometimes queue in front of the restaurant.
Payment byOnly Cash
Site and SNS Twitter
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