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Naze soba ni ra-yu wo irerunoka – Minatoya inspired modern soba

Naze soba ni ra-yu wo irerunoka – なぜ蕎麦にラー油を入れるのか

Typically soba is considered as a light and not junk food, however there is a genre of soba which is junk and very heavy style called “Minatoya inspired style” or ra-yu style (ra-yu is chili oil in Japanese)

The differences are noodle and dip sauce, the noodle is very thick and strong and filling, also the dip sauce is the base sauce is more sweet and strong taste, also including ra-yu(Chili oil) so more stronger than typical soba dip sauce, so you would get full easily with this style.

As mentioned this style is called “Minatoya inspired style” because there was a soba restaurant which establish this style of soba, and original restaurant has closed a few years ago.

You would buy a ticket before join the queue, and you would be asked noodle portion after get on the table, the options are small, medium, large, but as large portion is huge, even you are very hungry, medium is recommended.

Also there are eggs on the table, you can take it until two eggs, my recommendation is that after finished half of noodle, you could try to change the taste of sauce with the egg as it would become more sweet. Or if you would make it more hotter, you can add chili oil on the table.

Must order

Beef soba – 肉そば 900 yen

There is several options available here, but this beef soba is one of signature style, must try.

The one on following picture are added fish stick tempura as a topping.

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