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Shania – Medicinal soup curry with many cats

Shania – シャナイア

The soup curry is named medicinal(薬膳) soup curry which is good for health with many spices.

The restaurant is located in residential area between Meguro and Ebisu where is 15 mins working from the stations, but it is worth to work from there.

There is a machine to issue a ticket in front of the restaurant, the number on the ticket will be called also you can check how long does it take on a web site with the number.

Must order

There are four steps to chose your dishes here as follows.
This is the link for English menu.

  1. Chose main ingredients
    > Chicken and Vegetable is good for first chose.
  2. Choose taste of soup
    > Original soup is good for first chose.
  3. Choose spice level
    > Gemnai(Brown rice) is good, this brown rice is aged 3 – 4 days to make it more chewy and softer. Also brown rice is good for your health with many vitamin.
  4. Extra toppings
  5. Choose a rice and size of rice

Chicken and vegetable soup curry

The chicken is very soft and tasty with the spice of the soup. The soup is
low viscosity like a soup. You would feel many spices on the soup.

Brown rice

Above picture is topped with Cheese. The brown rice is very chewy and softer, even you will feel a flavor on them.

Insider tips

  • This restaurant was starting as a stalls around Aoyama, after a while, moved on the parents house there.

Restaurant detail

Food rating
A good place to make a dine plan in your journey.

There is english menu here.
or queue

No reservation in lunch time, around 30 mins quque in front of the restaurant. It is better to make reservation two week advance at least.
Payment byCash and Credit card
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