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Tetsu nabe gyoza Nakayoshi − A Hakata style gyoza in tokyo at Minami asagaya

Tetsu nabe gyoza Nakayoshi − 鉄なべ餃子なかよし

You can eat Hakata style gyoza here, the difference between typical gyoza and this style is Hakata style gyoza is cooked and served by steal pod.

As this restaurant is independent from Hakata gion tetsunabe (博多祇園鉄なべ) which is famous gyoza restaurant in Hakata, the taste should be the same what you can eat in Hakata.

Must order

Tetsu nabe gyoza – 鉄鍋餃子 540 Yen

You should come here to eat this gyoza, everything including dumpling skin, the home-made dumpling skin is very soft and crispy.

The gyoza itself has already rich taste and including strong garlic, you don’t need to use soy source, so try it without source first.

There is soy source and vinegar mix on the table, also you can add red or green citron pepper to add spiciness too.

You don’t need to order other food, just re-order the gyoza until your stomach gets full.

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