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Togo: Sushi Linda – exclusive sushi box at Meguro

The owner chef Mr. Kouno has worked at Matue Ebisu, and then move to Netyork city USA, and back to Japan and open this restaurant.

The name of restaurant is from song of THE BLUE HEARTS – “linda linda”

The restaurant a little far from Meguro station, but here is very demanded and difficult to make reservation usually.

This restaurant also started to go sushi box option under Covid-19 crisis, reservation in advance by calling is required and it is better to call them one three days before at least is recommended as the number of boxes are limited.

The characteristic thing of this restaurant is that they are utilizing steamed KAMADO like following, this is old style stove for rice cooking, this cook rice less time and higher temperature like pressure cooker. so the rice cooked by this become more softly and sweetly.

Source of picture : https://tokyo-calendar.jp/

Must order

Sushi set – 6000 yen

This sushi box has contained 11 pieces and two roll; tuna and mix roll. Soy sauce is also contained.

Every thing is very fine with the same quality if you have them on the counter, however sushi rice is not compressed hardly unlike sushi made by machine, it is better to be carefully and eat them soon.

Urchin is also included,

Detail of restaurant

Food rating

There is no english menu here, foreigner sometimes come here.
or queue

Number of boxes served on a day is limited, so it is better make a reservation three days before.
Payment byCash and Credit card
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