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Trico Curry – Rich Japanese curry at Nakano

Trico curry – トリコカレー

The characteristic things of the curry at this restaurant is that the taste is very rich, strong taste. A chicken soup will service with the curry and you can adjust the taste with the soup if you feel it is too strong for you.

When you are ordering, you will be asking two questions; Spiciness and volume of rice.

The first question for spiciness “Karasa ha dousimasuka?, you can answer either Karame(Spicy) or Futsuu(Normal) and the second question for volume of rice “gohan no ryouha dousimasuka?”, you can answer either Futsuu(Normal portion) or Oome(More portion), but the normal portion of rice is already huge, I recommend that you order normal at first time.

Must order

Pipi curry – ピピカレー : 1200 yen

This curry comes with seasonal vegetables, yummy.

Taco curry – タコカレー : 1100 yen

This curry is Taco style curry, with many cabbage and salsa source, also yummy.

Insider tips

  • Take out also available

Restaurant detail

Food rating
A good place to make a dinner plan in your journey.

No english menu, but sometimes foreigner come.
or queue

Often queue in front of restaurant for 20-30 mins.
Payment byOnly Cash
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